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After Spray Tan Care!!

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Okay you have gotten your spray tan what do you do next?

Wait the amount of time we have suggested for you then take a warm shower NO SOAP!!

soap will stop the activation process and doesn't allow you to get maximum results.

Use your hand only no wash cloths or loofah`s.

After 24 hours you may start to use a sulfate free soap! Why sulfate free well sulfates will help break down your spray tan much faster. If your shampoo is sulfate free you may use that as your body wash for the life of the spray tan.

Moisturize!! I cannot stress enough the importance of moisturizing you want to do it at least twice daily to keep your skin moist and from getting dry and shedding off.

Recommended products to use. OGX sulfate free body wash, Hempz lotion for moisturizing.

We also have products available in store.

Water! drinking water will help keep your skin hydrated and essentially helping your spray tan last longer.

Pat Dry Every time. Any time you get out of water pool, shower, bath or ocean whatever it is pat dry with your towel do not rub. Rubbing causes friction on the skin and helps exfoliate off your tan.

Whatever you do don`t use any dove products.

If you must shave use a brand new razor and do not press hard. Try to do it 48 hours after the spray tan.

Regardless of what you do Moisturizing is gonna be key to a longer lasting spray tan as well as an even fading spray tan.

X40 and Workout ready blend. Left on 5 hours!

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