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Spray With A Dually Certified Spray Tan Technician

Certified Through Norvell University

As Well As The NSTPA

(National Spray Tanning Professional Association)

Celebrity Spray Tan Artist

Founding Member Of Sunless Evolution

Proud Sponsor Of The Orlando Predators Dance Team

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MineTan Pro Ambassador


Now Offering Body Contouring

About Sunless.


Our custom spray tan is a personalized spray tanning session with a professional sunless technician.  The spray tech applies sunless solution to the areas you desire during your scheduled appointment.  Sessions often include full-body application, legs only, or facial sprays.

By allowing a professional to apply the spray solution you can ensure a flawless even application, especially on hard to reach areas such as the back.  Sunless sessions usually last around 15 minutes and results can be expected to last 5-7 days.

What is DHA? Docosahexaenoic acid in simple terms is Beet sugar or Cane sugar. Its the active ingredient that will tan your skin.

Body contouring is where the technician highlights all of your natural muscles giving you more of a defined appearance. We require a 24 hour notice on all spray tan bookings.


  • Shave 48 hours before your session. Make sure to exfoliate extremely well.

  • Do not apply any barriers ( Lotion, Body spray, or Deodorant)

  • Wear loose fitting clothing and shoes that will not cause rubbing.


  • Do Not get your spray tan wet!

  • Do Not shower for 2-12 hours for proper development.

  • Avoid bar soap and soaps with sulfates in them as this will fade your tan.

  • Avoid long periods in pools and spas.

  • Your first shower should be a water rinse only. Avoid lotions in the first 24 hours as well.

  • Do Not use dove body wash.

  • Always pat dry your skin after a shower.

  • Avoid loofas and exfoliating.

  • We will provide additional information at your appointment. If you have further maintenance questions feel free to call and we will answer all your questions!


Each spray tan typically cost between $49 and $75 depending on the color. The technician will suggest a color that will look best based off your skin tone. We have packages of spray tans as well. Bring a friend and recieve $5 off your next spray tan. 

Contouring is an additional $20. 



Your technician will text you the next day to see how everything turned out!   




Between the hours of 7:00am-9:30am  and then from 9:30pm - 12:00am is considered after hours. If you would like to book outside of our business hours there will be an additional $20 charge to your service. Please give us a 24 hour notice on all spray tanning appointments. For after hours tans you will need to call the salon and book or send us an email at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


                                                       Call To Book Your Appointment Today-407-285-9182 We can also recieve text messages

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