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What Should You Do Before A Spray Tan???

EXFOLIATING!!!!! The most important thing you can do before your spray tan. Why? Well if you have not exfoliated its likely that you have patches of dead skin all over your body!

If you do not exfoliate your spray tan can come out patchy or uneven. Use a non oil based scrub to rid the dead skin and a loofah. Make sure to rinse very well after shower.

SHAVING!. Make sure to shave a full 24-48 hours before your spray tan. A days hair growth is preferable. If you have just shaved its likely that the spray tan can seep into your pores and that the razor you used could have left behind lotion in strips on your legs.

NO BARRIERS! After your shower make sure not to put on any lotions or body sprays. These create a barrier between you and the spray tan and will cause it to not fully penetrate down to the skin. Resulting in an uneven tan. Also deodorant is considered a barrier but lets face the facts this is Florida!! we need deodorant. So when you arrive to the salon just let us know you have it on and we will be happy to help take it off.

LOOSE CLOTHING! Be sure to wear dark loose fitting clothing to the appointment that way when your spray tan is on its not rubbing on tight clothes. A maxi dress is perfect!

To get the perfect spray tan just follow these rules!





But Jess what about the RAIN????

Because its Florida its inevitable! Well morning and evening appointments are best in the rainy season as rains usually start in the afternoon when its the hottest out.

In the event its raining at your scheduled time just make sure to wear long loose pants a long sleeve shirt a jacket with a hood as well as closed toe shoes. We will assist you to your car with an umbrella.

This is our violet based solution that she left on for 1 hour, Really good for those just looking for a touch of color.

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