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Pregnacy & Spray Tanning

Baby shower? Gender Reveal?

These events you always want to look your best right?

So why cant you? Although spray tanning hasnt been proven to be unsafe for mom and baby we at the salon still like to take percautions.

Although not necessary we do ask you to contact your doctor and ask if its okay for you to get a spray tan. We do provide nose filters and pasties to cover the nipples and we like to use vegan and cruelty free products. I try to get the most natural products i can find while giving you a gorgeous no orange tan.

On our client consent form it will ask you if you are pregnant and if you have recieved permission from your doctor or not.

Although we have never expierenced spray tans coming out weird because of pregnancies we cant say that it wont. Hormones play a huge part in how your tan comes out and pregnancy is full of them.

Last but not least after the baby is here and you decide you want to get a spray tan if you are breast feeding make sure to either wear a bra or the pasties we provide. Babies dont need a tan face lol

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