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Cosmetic Bronzer!!! How to avoid water lines.

You Just got a beautiful spray tan and its now time to shower. 1st tip do not worry that you see color washing down the drain that is cosmetic bronzers and not your tan.

What are cosmetic bronzers?

Cosmetic Bronzer is the ingredient that provides that instant tan look to a client before the DHA in the solution has a chance to begin actually tanning their skin. There can be a lot of misunderstanding about bronzers.

Is the cosmetic bronzer my tan?- No the cosmetic bronzer is a guide and when sprayed on it helps determine if any spots have been missed. You get instant color with the cosmetic bronzers but its not the final results..

What happens if i do not properly wash off the cosmetic bronzers?

Clients that did a flash shower and didnt get the cosmetic bronzers off. No worries all turned out great in the end.

Not washing the bronzers off in the first shower can result in shower water lines down the leg! Sometimes clients panic when getting in the shower and see the color running down the drain but no worries its just the guide. A way to ensure you get all the cosmetic bronzers off is If you have a detachable water head use that and go all over your body make sure to do feet last as the water pools at the feet.

If you happen to accidentally leave some cosmetic bronzers on no worries your soap shower should take that away!

In the end its very important to get these bronzers off as they do expire over time. We are always here to help and have several tips and tricks to offer. So please don`t hesitate to call or text.

Also at any point you see a darker area its left over cosmetic bronzers. Make sure to buff these out with a washcloth if its been over 24 hours.

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