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Being The Perfect Bride With The Perfect Spray Tan!

Your wedding day is fast approaching?

Your beautiful white wedding dress is making you look a little pale?

A spray tan is probably what you are looking for. We have an array of different colors.

We also like mixing colors to give everyone the perfect tan they are looking for.

I always suggest to do a trial run before the big day to see how you like the color as well as seeing if you want to tweek it a little (make it darker or lighter) We do have specialty packages made for brides doing the trial that include the wedding tan as well.

Wanna get your bridesmaids tan as well?

If you book a party of 5 you will tan free! We do need 48 hours notice for bridal parties.

I suggest getting the spray tan 2 days before the wedding that way if anything were to happen ( water spills, sweat, Dogs) we can get you in to touch it up! If you cant make it in we do have touch up spray and lotion you can purchase. Its good especially if you will be going on your honeymoon right after. You will be able to keep your tan fresh and longer lasting.

We use a ph balancing spray to all of our clients to moisturize skin, Help tan fade off naturally as well as even out your ph levels to keep the dreaded orange effect from happening. You will be happy to know all of our colors are anti orange!!

Whether you are looking to be very dark or have a natural glow we have the right colors for you. You have so many things to stress about on your big day your tan shouldn't be one of them.

Double Dark - Norvell

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